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Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Follow-Up #3: Webber, Due West?

While several reports have Chris Webber joining the Detroit Pistons as soon as Monday, indications are starting to sneak out that such a homecoming might not happen, after all.

Webber's agent, Aaron Goodwin, spoke to the Los Angeles Times to address the possibility of his client signing with the Lakers, and said there was one big factor working in their favor: "Chris loves Los Angeles."

Terry Foster of the Detroit News, however, wrote on his blog that the Lakers might not be the L.A. team C-Webb really wants to play for. He wouldn't have to share the ball with Kobe Bryant if he played for the Clippers.

In addition, Webber might be saying he'd like to join the Pistons, but telling others he'd prefer to avoid the pressure that might come with playing in his hometown. Could it be that he's trying to gauge public interest, and if he finds out that there's still a grudge held against him in metro Detroit, he's just as soon not deal with that?

And if he truly has reservations about being expected to help Detroit back to championship glory, is that the kind of guy the Pistons really need on their roster?

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  • At January 13, 2007 2:51 PM, Blogger Mini Me said…

    The Lakers are playing great basketball right now, without Lamar Odom even. I am not sure if they would want to risk ruining the chemistry by bringing in a guy like C-Webb. Maybe he could be the guy that rises the Lakers to the level of the Mavs, Spurs, and Suns, but it is also possible that he ruins things for them. I think he would be a good fit in the triangle system, since he is such a great passer, but maybe Phil Jackson doesn't want to risk it.

    Meanwhile, Detroit just makes sense for Webber. He was born there which is a huge plus and also he could stay in the Easy East, which is probably preferable to a guy who has played in both conferences. Finaly, Detroit is much more likely to get to the NBA Finals than the Lakers, simply because they are in the East. And once you are in the Finals, anything can happen...just ask Miami.

  • At January 14, 2007 12:27 AM, Blogger Cutthroat Pirates said…

    Im back with new and improved blog. PS dont give up on your coach yet.


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