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Friday, January 12, 2007

At least Keira Knightley is in "Bend It Like Beckham"

Big Al already covered yesterday's news about metrosexual icon David Beckham leaving Real Madrid for Major League Soccer's L.A. Galaxy, and echoed my thoughts so closely that I'm better off just linking to his post.

And while you're still wondering if the reported $250 million that Beckham will earn over five years was a mistake made by every single news outlet in the country, the go-to guy for sports business, Darren Rovell, analyzes where that salary figure really comes from and whether or not this will benefit the MLS' long-term prospects for success.

Also, today's Los Angeles Times has all you need to know about the man who you might happen to stumble upon on a Saturday afternoon when it's raining outside and there's nothing else to watch on TV.

Meanwhile, let's leave it to the geniuses behind The Simpsons to perfectly sum up what kind of impact Beckham's migration to the U.S. will have on sports fans' awareness of soccer.

Yo, paella man! Wing one up here!

(Oh, my sister's boyfriend is going to give me hell for this...)

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