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Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Follow-Up #2: Those Frisky Philly Fans

Ever since the story about the two grad students who were willing to have sex for a voyeur in exchange for Eagles playoff tickets broke last weekend, I've been wondering how things ended up. Did they end up performing their way to seeing the Eagles beat the Giants last Sunday?

(Thanks to all of you who stopped by to read about that, by the way.)

According to the Eagles' AOL Fanhouse blog, the answer is... well, maybe. I suppose we should commend these kids for not kissing (or, well, you know...) and telling. But their proposal certainly drummed up some interest.

From Philadelphia Will Do (via Philly Edge - who changed his name to protect the, um... kinky?):

“We (had several) offers,” Peter said, declining to divulge details of any encounter. He said he had been contacted by five newspapers, and men’s magazine Hustler, with requests for more on the story.

He admitted to being “(un)comfortable with all the commotion this has caused.”

Peter, though, had no regrets about the posting, which was first reported on by Philebrity.com, and then subsequently by the Daily News and several national Web sites. The results of the game, however, did disappoint him.

I'm a Giants fan. She’s the Eagles fan…. This was a big game for the both of us. (It was for) bragging rights.”

So wait - she wasn't an Eagles fan, but a Giants fan? Wow, that's kinda hot. (For an early Friday evening, anyway.)

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