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Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Hour 01/08: Big Ben Strikes Back

Saturday night's game against Chicago seemed like a fine time to rediscover this season's Detroit Pistons, and try to get back into the NBA.

It wasn't too difficult to get excited about playing a long-time (though recently dormant) rival, one which happened to steal away the face of DEE-troit BAS-ket-ball in the offseason. I have to admit, however, I frequently flipped channels between Pistons-Bulls and Cowboys-Seahawks.

So two days later, here's what I want to know: Who was that big man for the Bulls, drop-stepping into the lane and floating turn-around jumpers over the Pistons' frontcourt?

Say what? That was Ben Wallace? The same Big Ben who sometimes looked like he wore oven mitts on the court? As if he'd never been passed a basketball in his life?

12 points, 14 rebounds, three steals, and six blocks from Chicago's new #3?

Bulls 106, Pistons 89?

Well, at least Ben's old teammates got to give him $#!+ about Scott Skiles' ridiculous no-headband rule.

And we'll see what happens when Big Ben returns to the Palace on February 25.

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