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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm gettin' too old for this $#!+

When was it decreed that the "NFL Kickoff" now has to begin with a #@$%ing concert? Did anyone else sit down to watch football at 8 pm, only to be horrified at Rich Eisen's introduction? "And now performing for you live... Diddy!"

Okay, so maybe I should've looked at my TV Guide, to see that the "NFL Kickoff Special" would be on first.

Still, I hate this $#!+. Look, if P-Diddly wasn't good enough to play the Miami Sharks' quarterback in Any Given Sunday, then I don't want him rapping on a football field either, okay?

Why aren't I watching Tigers-Twins? That's a good question. Where'd my clicker go... ?

(Image from "Heart of the City" © 2006 Mark Tatulli)

EDIT (8:30 pm): But I have to say, I like looking at Pink a hell of a lot more than Hank Williams, Jr. And though they altered the lyrics to fit the NFL's opening night, I wholeheartedly endorse the use of a Joan Jett song for football broadcasts. That chick rocks, man. I hope NBC keeps using that song all season.


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