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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Against my better judgment?

After playing fantasy football for the first time last season, I knew I'd only want more this year. I thought I'd cut myself off at two teams, but once Pradamaster invited me to join The Ultimate Bloggers Fantasy Football League, I remembered that good things come in threes.

I just posted my draft post-mortem on the league's blog, but in a nutshell, I'm pretty happy with my team (except for the QBs). I don't think any of us were pleased with NFL.com's draft and roster restrictions (can only start two receivers, can't load up on reserves until all the starting positions are filled), but we all had to deal with them, so it's not like anyone gained an advantage. If you weren't able to attend the draft, however, NFL.com's player rankings really screwed you. Don't believe me? Ask twins15, who had the Steelers defense auto-picked for him in the 2nd round.

But the league should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to playing with those guys. (Don't worry - I'll save my fantasy football angst for the league's blog.) Man, I'm not getting anything done this fall...

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  • At September 06, 2006 12:04 PM, Anonymous Evan said…

    I'm doing it again this year, despite my reservations.

    Last year, I had only one or two losses heading into our "playoffs" in weeks 14-16. Of course, my team consisted of Palmer, Alexander, Steve Smith, T.O., and Stephen Davis. So, you know, I scored a lot of points the first few weeks. Once Davis was out and T.O. was gone, I still kept winning but was unable to mount a successful game in the playoffs and was defeated by a mere 2 points.

    Ah, oh well.

    This year's roster looks OK. Ten team league. Palmer at QB, Barber and Dunn as my top two RBs, Santana Moss and Javon Walker as my top two WRs, Todd Heap at TE... I've got Doug Gabriel and Keenan McCardell as backup WRs and McAllister, Mike Bell, and Cedric Benson as backup RBs. Warner's my backup QB. It's a reasonably deep team with some potential for big years, I think.

    We'll see what happens. Hopefully I don't lose interest around week 6-8 again. :-)


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