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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If you think you had a bad weekend...

Didn't have anything to do? Maybe the food or turnout at your end-of-summer cookout was disappointing? Hey, at least you weren't Michael Barrett of the Chicago Cubs.

Here are two words that could have men across the country curling up in the fetal position today: intrascrotal hematoma.

In layman's terms, Barrett was suffering from internal bleeding in his scrotum. You may now go find a piece of wood to bite down upon.

Barrett needed emergency surgery for that condition after taking a foul ball to the cookies in Saturday's game versus the Giants.

How tough is Barrett? After his clockweights were assaulted by the ricochet from Matt Cain's bat, Barrett stayed in the game. He even went to bat in the bottom of the inning. (!!!) Eventually, however, Barrett succumbed to the pain that would surely have felled most any other man in a similar situation.

From MLB.com:

"That's a tough one there -- that one might be the toughest one," Cubs manager Dusty Baker said. "He said, 'Bake, I'm feeling sick, I'm hurting badly.' He tried to tough it out. I don't remember it happening. There are so many foul tips coming back to the catcher."

I'd like to say Barrett has some... well, you know. But actually, he might not anymore. We'll see. Here's a photo of him demonstrating how many he hopes to still have when this is all over.

As you might imagine, Barrett will very likely miss the rest of the season. The prayers and get well wishes of the planet earth's entire male populace are with you, Michael. Along with several bags of ice.


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