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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And it burns, burns, burns...

If you haven't already seen this at Deadspin (or YouTube), please enjoy yet another display of Detroit Lions fandom, courtesy of... some guys who fortunately have a very big backyard.

I know every NFL team has a rabid fan base. But if you're an Eagles fan in Philadelphia, at least those guys have given you NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance to reward your support. The Bengals? Hey, they made the playoffs last year - the culmination of a plan that has finally yielded positive results.

I'm not sure any team is the beneficiary of as much misguided passion as the Lions. Detroit sports fans care more about their football team, which has essentially ruined 70 years of Sunday afternoons, than they should ever rationally be expected to.

Would any other fans show up at the stadium in the other team's colors to voice their disapproval? Would they march outside before the game? Are they burning jerseys in effigy in their backyards? Despite being given virtually nothing to cheer for during their lifetimes, these fans still care.

What a bunch of crazy mother#@$%ers. We've all fallen into the burning ring of fire and the flames keep getting higher. Welcome to Lions Country.

(However, I do think the chances of Detroit finishing ahead of Green Bay is looking pretty good. "What's wrong with Charles Woodson?")


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