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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When they say "nice pick"...

Check out this photo, snapped by Red Sox-Tigers hybrid blogger Samela, before last night's game at Fenway Park. You can see the rest of Sam's album at her Flickr site.

A Red Sox-Tigers series always seems to divide the heart of young Samela, so I'm usually concerned about the lass when her two favored baseball teams play. But she seems to be managing nicely. And hey, a few well-placed "hellos" from those on the Olde English D side probably go quite a way with her loyalties.

Nice work, Samela.

Hey, if it helps Omar Infante grip the ball on defense, I won't knock it.

However, I would caution the rest of the Tigers to exercise discretion when high-fiving their teammate.

And for everyone's sake, let's hope Omar doesn't subscribe to the Jorge Posada-Moises Alou school of hand care.



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