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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not the man you take him for

Here's something interesting, if you happen to be a fan of Detroit sports and the TV show Deadwood. (And it just so happens I know a guy who co-writes a Deadwood blog...)

Ian McShane, better known as Al Swearengen, quite possibly the best #@$%ing villain in the history of television drama, is something of a Detroit sports fan himself. I don't think I'd have guessed that one.

From a Q&A at SI.com:

SI: You moved to Venice Beach in 2003, when you signed on for the Deadwood role. Have you become immersed in any of the Los Angeles teams?

McShane: My wife is American and she's from Detroit. My teams are the Red Wings and Pistons. I am very sad that Brendan Shanahan has left the Red Wings and Ben Wallace has left the Pistons.

The idea of Al Swearengen - a man who'd just as soon cut your throat as shake your hand - feeling sad about Big Ben and Shanny leaving Detroit is almost too absurd to believe. Yet also so cool. (I'd sure would've loved to hear his opinions on those defections, however. Ooooh, our ears would burn!) But I suppose it does make me feel a bit better, knowing our pain is felt elsewhere.

Maybe I can parlay my "night job" as a "sportswriter" into some quality sit-down time with Mr. McShane. Plus, we both have the same super-sexy first name. We'd have so much to talk about!

Five questions with Al Swearengen in the future? As Al might say, "Not #@$%ing likely."


  • At August 09, 2006 3:29 PM, Anonymous Evan said…

    Someday, everyone will be a Detroit sports fan. After all, there is no better sports region in the US than southeast Michigan. Baseball? Age old tradition. Basketball? Multiple championships and some true legends of the NBA. Hockey? Best non-Canadian team ever. Football? Well...our loyalty is beyond reproach; and hey, in a given weekend, 220,000 people watch football AT A STADIUM, be it Ford Field, that thing up in East Lansing, or Michigan Stadium. We ski, we're learning lacrosse, and a Michigan parent is next to "soccer mom" in the dictionary. We host the US Open of golf and have hosted multiple Super Bowls, not to mention a Ryder Cup. And we even won a WNBA championship, and people seemed to almost care.

    And while New York, Miami, and LA may appreciate its flashy superstars, Detroit runs douche bags out of town in favor of "character" guys (for the most part). Most of America can get behind that, I'm sure. Just watch the angry-faced Yankees play baseball and compare it to the Tigers, who jump up and down with excitement after every win, who have their tradition with the bubble gum, and who have a bullpen that has taken to sitting around looking like 8-year-olds with their rally caps during comeback opportunities.

    How can you beat it?


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