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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I apologize, Shaun Bodiford

In Friday's live blog of the Lions-Broncos pre-season opener, I made the following ignorant comment:

7:52 - And who is this Bodiford guy for the Lions? Anyone heard of him outside Allen Park? Is he even supposed to be in the game this early?

And with that, I exposed myself as someone who just hasn't been reading training camp reports from the local newspapers very closely.

If I had, I would've seen George Sipple's profile of Bodiford in last week's Free Press. Not only is it a good article, but Bodiford has a great story - the kind of comeback story fans and sportswriters should celebrate. The man has overcome some serious obstacles, not the same self-destructive behavior fellow wide receivers like Cheech Rogers and Big Mike Williams have engaged in.

(Hat tip to the Detroit Lions Weblog and MLive.com's Highlight Reel.)


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