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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who needs breakfast? Have Links for lunch!

▪▪ ESPN.com's Chris Sheridan was presumably in town to cover Chris Webber's debut (in which I thought he looked nervous and slow - but it was his first game as a Piston, and the first time he's stepped onto an NBA court in about a month), but for today's "Daily Dime," he found himself watching the allegedly deteriorating relationship between Rasheed Wallace and Flip Saunders very, very closely.

▪▪ Detroit Bad Boys has a response, especially as to how 'Sheed's technical foul affected the outcome of the Pistons 100-99 loss to Utah.

▪▪ Oh, if only NFL teams got to call mulligans on their draft picks. Complete Sports combines Mr. Peabody with Mel Kiper and takes a look back at the 2006 NFL Draft. Who (besides the Houston Texans, obviously) would take a do-over with their selection? Which players far exceeded their draft slot? We loved Ernie Sims this past season in Detroit, but what if the Lions could've taken A.J. Hawk instead?

▪▪ According to the Detroit Tigers Weblog, Fox Sports Detroit will be replaying each of the Detroit Tigers' seven consecutive playoff wins from last season. Billfer has the schedule posted, and for someone who missed the entire Tigers-Yankees series while on vacation in Hawaii (I drank many Mai-Tais to forget that unfortunate timing), I'm most grateful for this.

▪▪ Big Al is performing a generous public service for "Cold Pizza" viewers curious to learn more about the nasally, drivel-spouting debate partner for Skip Bayless on "1st and Ten" this week. Yet another reason for the nation to feel sorry for Detroit. Yes, we actually have to endure more of this guy (and I don't mean Big Al).

▪▪ Need4Sheed has a great gift idea for Pistons fans on Valentine's Day. Is it okay to buy something for yourself? You're supposed to get a gift for the one you love, right?

▪▪ Baseball non-sequitor: The Braves have been doing some impressive work on their bullpen this off-season. (Buster Olney says so!) Back in December, Atlanta traded for Rafael Soriano. Last night, they got Mike Gonzalez to help set-up Bob Wickman for the ninth inning. Not sure the Braves fans like the deal, however.

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