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Sunday, October 08, 2006

All apologies

(Or "In the sun, I feel as one" - whatever Kurt Cobain meant by that.)

I meant to post a message early last week before leaving, but ran right into a deadline crunch, and found myself trying to finish a magazine article just before I had to leave for the airport.

If you've been stopping by for the past week, wondering where the hell I was, or if I joined the many who finally crapped out on blogging after giving it a good try, I apologize for not saying anything. (And I'm not even going to look at my hit counter, for fear the numbers will make me cry.) This was quite possibly the worst week in the recent sports calendar to leave the continental United States, with the Tigers in the playoffs (and beating the Yankees!), along with Michigan playing Michigan State. This is what happens when the females of the family make the arrangements. (Just kidding, ladies.)

So where'd I go? Well, I've been in Hawaii for most of the past week, spending time on the beach in Waikiki with my family, after bouncing around northern California for a bit. And only now that I'm trying to kill some time before we're set to head back did I finally find the internet station here at the Marriott.

Thanks to my tricked-out test Sprint batphone, I was able to keep up on the Tigers' fantastic (and surprisingly dominant) first-round victory over the Yankees. But most of the games were during the day out here. The rescheduled Game 2, for example, started at 7 a.m. I tried to get up and watch, but didn't have much success. It's pretty cool to wake up that early and turn on some baseball, though. (If anyone's able to keep up with sports around here - other than, say, University of Hawaii football - they must be pretty damn dedicated. Hell, I thought I was.)

Back in Michigan on Tuesday, and I'll get back on the blogging horse - or try to, after readjusting to Eastern Standard Time.

Mahalo, as the people with grass skirts and coconut breast cups say here.

(Meanwhile, did you catch me on The Daily Fungo Podcast last week? It's interesting to hear our roundtable's thoughts, compared to what's actually happened with the Tigers recently.)

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