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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Hour 01/18: My Water Bottle Just Holds Water

Deadspin already covered this today, so there's really not much else I can add after all the good "the terrorists have won" jokes have been taken.

But after finding out about Michael Vick's drug-toting water bottle, my first thought was, "How come I never hear about anything cool like that?"

Well, sure - now I've obviously heard about this hidden-contraption beverage container. But I'm talking about before it hits the news, becoming familiar with the masses and fodder for late-night talk show monologues and snarky sports blogs.

And now I really want one - but so will everyone else. At the very least, I wish I'd heard of this before I bought a personal water bottle to bring along for "workouts."

Think of all the stuff you'll be able to sneak into baseball games this summer. At the very least, it could save you eight bucks on beer (though I suppose you can't fit much in that bottle, so you'd better go with the hard stuff).

Plus, it's way cheaper than "The Beerbelly."

Man, pro athletes always get the cool stuff first...

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