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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sniffling, Sneezing, Stuffy-Headed Men Endeavors

I've been fighting a nasty cold the last couple of days, which has rendered me near-comatose, and not at full blogging strength. (But I know I was slacking on posts before that. I'm not using being sick as an excuse. Well, not totally, anyway.)

I'm going to blame the Lions. Before I went to Ford Field to get some stuff for Motor City Sports, I was a thriving, virile, somewhat energetic young man. After watching the Lions lose to the Packers, and trolling for quotes in the locker room afterwards (a player talked to me!), I became sick a couple of days later. Coincidence? Or something more... ?

In the meantime, check out this sign I noticed across Beacon St. while trying to find my way to the media shuttle. ("Guys? Guys? Need a ride back to the parking garage! Please stop? Look, my tag says media, too!")

Maybe this is why Sprint sought me out for the Viral Blogger Sell-Out test program, along with Big Al. They wanted to buy me off, so I wouldn't stake a claim on "sweaty men." Right. That must be it. It's not like I'm enjoying playing with their new phone at all...

So I'm hoping one more night of Nyquil-induced coma slumber will do me good, and I'll be back in blogging shape, able to send out the week with a bang. After looking over my recent posts, I realize I haven't written anything about our mighty, playoff-bound Detroit Tigers - which is absolutely disgraceful. Well, it's embarrassing, at least.


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