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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can they win before Halloween?

So we're talking about at least an 0-5 start for the Lions, right?

As he explained at Monday's presser with the media, Sgt. Marinelli likes to break up the 16-game season into "quarters," and if there was one game the Lions could surely win in this first chunk, it had to be the Packers, right? At home?

So much for that. The Lions added a year to Brett Favre's career on Sunday. He was so happy on the field, jumping up and down, with arms raised. Why retire if he's guaranteed at least two games against Detroit per season?

Now what? There's a chance the Lions could win their next game at St. Louis. Mike Martz will surely want sweet, cold revenge against the team that told him his services were no longer required. But we know how the Honolulu Blue boys play on the road. And I'm sure the Rams wouldn't mind sticking it to their old head coach, either.

After that, it's Minnesota. How do you like their chances at the Metrodome? They should beat Buffalo at home, but they should've beaten Green Bay. And the Bills' are currently one of the better defensive teams in the NFL. At the New York Jets? Atlanta at home? What if they're 0-8 heading into their home game against the 49ers? That doesn't seem entirely unlikely, does it?

If you can bear it, I wrote some Game Balls & Extra Laps for your perusal over at the Motor City Sports website.

Otherwise, let's be thankful for the Detroit Tigers. At least one of the teams that plays on Brush St. has brought us some much-needed joy this season.


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