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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Game Balls & Extra Laps

I tried to work up some healthy indignation over the Lions' 34-7 loss to the Bears on Sunday, but I just couldn't get it going. (Note to the current administration in Allen Park: This is the onset of apathy, and it's creeping in fast. Am I reflective of the general Detroit Lions' fan base? Well, that's something you should probably be trying to figure out.)

Big Al managed some good outrage over at The Wayne Fontes Experience, so I'll defer to him on this. (But he had the right idea last week, when he passed on watching the Lions.) What was most disheartening about the Lions' effort at Soldier Field is that it felt like watching a rerun. Didn't they leave a very similar steaming load of junk in Chicago at almost the exact same time last year?

I did manage, however, to type up some Game Balls & Extra Laps for the Motor City Sports website. Check 'em out, if you get a chance. The whole thing won't take too long to read. Trust me - how many Game Balls do you really think were handed out?

One more note: Our good friend Kevin Antcliff is back in the blogging business. (No, he didn't break that quickly. This was in the plans all along.) He has his own cheers and jeers for the Denver Broncos at the shiny, newly revamped Mile High Sports website. Stop by and give the K-Dog some love (especially for his theory on how much the Broncos miss Gary Kubiak).


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