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Friday, August 18, 2006

What are you doing this weekend, Kevin Antcliff?

As some of you know, our dear friend Kevin Antcliff has decided to step away from his blog, as his plate has recently filled up with new opportunities and responsibilities. It's a very exciting time for him, and we'll be seeing plenty more from the guy, but for now, the blog is on hiatus. (Not without one last shot at the prize, however. Way to go down swinging, K-Dog.)

However, sources tell Sweaty Men Endeavors that there might be more to the story than Mr. Antcliff originally let on. This morning, our investigative reporters were told to "follow the money... oh, and watch Fox Sports Net tonight."

What's on Fox Sports Net (after the Tigers-Rangers game, locally) tonight? Evander Holyfield's (ill-advised) comeback to the boxing ring. Holyfield's opponent is listed as "Jeremy Bates," but the SME investigative team has been doing some work in the photo lab, and has come back with some results that could be very intriguing to our readers.

We've lined up the photos for you to look at, side-by-side. On the left is the aforementioned Mr. Antcliff. On the right is Holyfield's opponent tonight, "Jeremy Bates."

Interesting similarities, no? Think about this: How many other people do you see running around with bald heads and goatees?

And isn't it intriguing that "Jeremy Bates" has a heavyweight boxing match in Dallas the same week Kevin decides to put his blog on the shelf?

As a large 24-hour news channel might say: We report, you decide. All we can do is give you the information. How you choose to disseminate the data is entirely your prerogative.

Good luck tonight, "Jeremy Bates." And take it easy on Mr. Holyfield. He's not sounding too good when you hear him talk these days.


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