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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Catching up - Part 2: What were they wearing?

Lost in all the chatter about Tony Kornheiser's performance on "Monday Night Football," I think an important question is being lost. Namely, the ugliness of the Minnesota Vikings' new uniforms.

Okay, I get it: the stripes on the shoulders are supposed to resemble Viking horns. Fine. But what's with all the piping and striping going on in the back?

Of course, I don't think I ever like football uniform changes. Except Tampa Bay's and New England's. Those had to be done for everyone's sake.

So this will probably grow on me. Or I just won't care by the time the Lions play the Vikings. But for now, Minnesota Vikings' uniforms: You're on notice.

Another note from the game, which bummed me out: One of "my" Iowa Hawkeyes losing the rest of his season to a knee injury. Come back strong, Chad Greenway.



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