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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday morning reading scraps

▪▪ Yesterday, ESPN.com's Keith Law wrote on his (Insider) blog that Vernon Wells passed on signing a contract extension with Toronto, and thus will likely be traded. Wells wants to play closer to his Texas home, so that would likely eliminate Detroit from consideration. This is total speculation on my part, but if the Jays are looking for pitching help in return, do you think he might dial up the Comerica Park offices this offseason?

▪▪ This is completely non-Tiger-related, but if Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria fires his manager, Joe Girardi - as he allegedly had to be talked out of doing - then he truly is a complete idiot. If Girardi wants to resign, however, it would probably be tough to blame him.

Here's the story, if you're not familiar with this already: About two weeks ago, Loria - who was sitting behind the Marlins' home dugout - yelled at Girardi for not running onto the field to argue a ball-strike call. Girardi, as you might imagine, defended himself and yelled back.

Even after being talked out of firing him by cooler heads in the organization, Loria reportedly didn't back down from his stance until Girardi agreed to publicly apologize to him in front of the team.

Never mind that Girardi had the Marlins in the National League Wild Card race through much of this season, despite a lineup that seems almost entirely composed of rookies after the franchise's latest player fire sale. (Judging from this post, Marlins Today might disagree with that.)

Does it revolt anyone else that a guy like Loria has a World Series trophy with management skills like this, while teams that have done it the right way for years are still left wanting?



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