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Monday, July 31, 2006

Soriano Watch until 4 pm?

Today's the day we find out if the Tigers make that big move. The urgency to do so might be lessened after a very successful week against the White Sox, Indians, and Twins. But if Dave Dombrowski is still itching to put an impact deal together, there's still a chance Alfonso Soriano could end up in Detroit. How? By calling up his old team, the Florida Marlins.

From Jayson Stark's trade deadline "Stark Market" (yeesh!) at ESPN Insider:

Meanwhile, the Nationals had another surprise shopper on Soriano on Sunday -- the Marlins. Florida seems like the least likely bidder out there. But if you think creatively -- which is the Marlins' specialty -- it's actually the most likely bidder. If the Nationals want bright young pitching prospects back, there's no team that has more of them than Florida. Heck, the Fish traded for about 12 of them last winter. So the Marlins could lop off some of their pitching depth, reel in Soriano and then spin him to address its position-player needs, to a bidder that couldn't make it work with Washington. There was some buzz Sunday afternoon, in fact, that the Marlins and Tigers had had some conversations about Soriano in the event Florida pulls this off. So watch out for that possibility.

Stark preceded that tidbit with rumors that the Red Sox were kicking the tires on Soriano in lieu of the Yankees acquiring Bobby Abreu, but that a deal was unlikely since Theo Epstein isn't eager to deal his organization's young arms.

A Soriano Watch has thus been issued until 4 p.m. for the areas of Minneapolis, Houston, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Boston. In the event of a trade, please take cover from all of the subsequent analysis from baseball reporters, analysts, and bloggers.



  • At July 31, 2006 10:12 AM, Anonymous Kevin said…

    I've also heard that Florida is under the Soriano Watch. Mlive had a rumor posted in the Tigers section that they could get him, then ship him to Detroit.

    ... to be continued


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