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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Watch out, Tom Emanski!

Just found this on the Sports Inferno message boards. Included in today's edition of ESPN.com's "Short Hops" is a video demonstration from the new Brooks Robinson, Brandon Inge, on how to field a bunt.

Inge goes through the four-step process on making this kind of play: 1) Watching the hands (or the feet) of the batter, 2) Taking his first two steps toward the foul line to create the best throwing angle to first base, 3) Catching the baseball with his bare hand, planting on his right foot, and 4) Getting a good four-seam grip on the ball, while shifting to his left foot before throwing.

Fielding a bunt looked easy enough after watching Inge's tutorial, so I just gave it a try in the backyard. It was a little more difficult with no one to bunt the ball toward me. And I think my neighbor's pissed after I rocketed a ball off her house to get a ricochet. But hey, I fielded it pretty cleanly. And I made a good throw, which would've been caught had she not ducked out of the way. C'mon, lady! It's baseball. And if you owned a bigger dog, maybe he could've caught it instead.

It's not easy being a backyard baller, man.

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