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Thursday, July 20, 2006

My favorite post-game reaction

You have to respect a man who sticks to his convictions, even when his emotions might compel him to do otherwise. (Or not.)

The Daily Fungo has led the "Craig Monroe is not very good" train all season long. My first e-mail to Mike was a defense of Craiggers. Mike put on his engineer's cap, tossed my e-mail in with the burning coals, and forged ahead with an impassioned "Choo-Choo!"

Even after Monroe's grand slam last night - the kind of blow we could be talking about in this town for years, if the Tigers can keep this magical run going - the Fungo was unphased. Mike's reaction? “Good, he's just improved his trade value.”

Hilarious. Yet admirable. And probably quite astute, if Mr. Monroe finds himself playing left field for the Phillies or Nationals in the next couple of weeks.

A tip o' the cap to you, Mr. McClary.


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