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Friday, July 21, 2006

¿Quién es un fracaso más grande?

¿Un Darko o Mike grande Williams?

After Tom Kowalski's revelation that "Big" Mike Williams was fined a total of $400,000 last season, largely (no pun intended) for being overweight and arriving late to team meetings, a question comes to mind.

Who is a bigger flop? Darko "The Human Victory Cigar" Milicic or "Big" Mike Williams?

Of course, in their respective drafts, Darko was the #2 pick, while BMW was #10.

But I'd argue that Darko was considered something of a project, with all of the potential and upside in the world, yet some doubt as to when or if he'd develop into a NBA player. Big Mike, on the other hand, looked like the surest of sure things coming out of USC, where he could run over or blaze past any defensive back or linebacker who dared try to cover him.

I know Lions fans and observers were divided as to whether Williams was a good selection for Detroit in 2005. Some thought Matt Millen should've used the pick on a defensive player, to shore up a unit that arguably needed more help and a fresh infusion of talent. Others - such as myself - thought that the Lions had filled many of its holes through free agency and thus were in a position to take the "best player available." Obviously, we got that wrong.

Ranking a close second in mistakes behind the actual draft pick was probably (definitely?) the team's decision to guarantee BMW $9.5 million of his $13.5 million contract up front, as a signing bonus. Hopefully, he didn't spend all of that bonus money yet, as his subsequent yearly salaries will be eaten up by the fines.

So how does that $400,000 break down? Well, consider that under the terms of the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Lions could fine BMW $9,300 each time he was late for a meeting and $457 per pound for every day he was overweight. Those were probably the most expensive Krispy Kremes ever eaten.

Also consider that BMW was late so often that the Lions asked him to move closer to their Allen Park practice facillity. No word on whether or not they also suggested that Big Mike jog to work from his residence.

Meanwhile, we can spend the next month waiting to see if BMW can beat out Saginaw Valley State's (undrafted) Glenn Martinez for one of the final two wide receiver spots on the roster.

And one final question: Why don't either the Detroit Free Press or Detroit News have something on this story today?


  • At July 21, 2006 11:32 AM, Blogger Greg Eno said…

    If Big Mike tanks again this season, I'd say he's up there with Reggie Rogers, Stockar McDougle, and -- gasp -- Aaron Gibson as Lions draft busts.

    I don't put Andre Ware in that category because, well, he's a category of busts all by hisself!

  • At July 24, 2006 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    BMW hasn't even surpassed Charles Rogers yet...emphasis on yet.


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