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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Runs in the family?

Maybe this news has always been out there, and no one bothered to look into it until Delmon Young's 50-game suspension was handed down. But how did it take two weeks for us to learn that older brother Dmitri was also once suspended as a minor leaguer?

Tom Gage has the story in today's Detroit News. While in the Cardinals' system, Da Meat Hook was suspended for 30 games in 1995 for running into the stands to attack a heckler.

"According to a wire service report that ran in the New York Times, Young punched a fan and Keith Jones hit another in the back with a bat. Dmitri was 21 at the time.

'The initial suspension was 30 games,' Young said on Wednesday before the Tigers-Orioles game, 'but it was reduced to 20 games, plus community service.

'At the time, it was reported the fans had been calling me "pork chop", but I can tell you, it was a lot worse than that.'

It was a racial slur, he said, that he wouldn't tolerate.

'I hit him good,' Young said of the fan."

Oh man, watch out for those Fightin' Youngs. I hope Dmitri didn't see that crack I made about him eating Coney Dogs all summer long in April's Motor City Sports Magazine. (Not intended as a plug, I swear. Although the May issue is now on newsstands...)

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  • At June 13, 2006 4:33 PM, Blogger Hoss said…

    I wondered how long it would take for someone to remember 1995. Dmitri Young did enter the stands; however, he did not get a good hit on the fan. In fact, he was getting quite the opposite.

    It is quite humerous that he mentioned the race issue. The fans involved in the incident were all Air Force members, and at no time used ratial slurs or even profanity. We did get a nice fitted hat with the initials DY inside...

    I can't blame Keith for using a bat, since he was to small to hurt me otherwise. As I remember it, Dmitri entered the stands over the third base line, went behind the net (behind home plate), and jumped on the man that was calling him "porkchop". The porkchop reference was in direct relationship to his rather round figure at that time. Myself and about three others were on top of Dmitri at the time the bat was swung. One strike on my back, and I was off, chasing after Keith. I was held back by one of the friends I was with.


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