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Friday, May 05, 2006

All things must pass

Well, the winning streak had to end some time, I suppose. Although with Verlander on the mound against a line-up that looked more like the AAAngels (Kotchman, Kendrick, Napoli, Murphy), the chances of sweeping the homestand looked pretty good. Unfortunately, young Justin knew he wouldn't have his good stuff out there, and the Halos jumped on him. (Note to Angels fans, you can come down from the ledge. It's okay now.)

Hopefully, the Tigers' record in "getaway games" (currently 0-2) eventually improves. But 6-1 was still pretty damn nice, wasn't it? And this should be an interesting road trip. Will the Twins be looking for revenge after the three-game, 33-1, pounding they took in Detroit? Even if they are, do they have enough juice to do it? Johan Santana gives them a chance on Sunday. Man, it'd be nice to see the Tigers take two out of three at the Metrodome.

The Orioles aren't playing that well, so the Tigers could win in Baltimore (especially if they get to face Bruce Chen). And I'm looking forward to seeing how the post-Leyland tirade Tigers do against the Indians. (Quick scouting report: Don't pitch to Hafner.)

Maybe I'm projecting my own feelings onto all of Detroit sports fandom, but I think excitement for the local baseball team has taken away most of the sting from the Red Wings' first-round playoff exit. We can keep saying "C'mon, it's still early," but history's beginning to support the notion that this could be a good (or, at the very least, competitive) season.

▪▪ Will Brandon Inge's hot bat follow him on the road? If not for Garret Anderson's catch at the fence yesterday, he'd have home runs in three straight games. (Take deep breaths, Samela.)

▪▪ Both The Detroit Tigers Weblog and The Daily Fungo noted a rather mind-boggling, time-warping comment by Tigers radio announcer Jim Price yesterday.

▪▪ TigerBlog ponders the possible end of the Alexis Gomez era in Detroit.

▪▪ Jim Leyland apparently needs to do his laundry. (The cigarette smell alone is probably awful.)

▪▪ And be careful what you say in public, because Leyland is listening.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. Enjoy the weekend.

(Photo by Steve Perez/ Detroit News)



  • At May 05, 2006 12:56 PM, Anonymous Evan said…

    I agree re: the sting... When I actively think about it, the Red Wings' early egress from the Stanley Cup stage is more than a little irritating. But I don't have the time to dwell on it. The large but finite portion of my brain devoted to Detroit sports is too occupied on its surface by the Pistons and Tigers and too preoccupied deep inside itself -- in my subconcious -- with yet another oddly hope-filled spring for the Lions.

    It's a pleasant change. Last time, when the Wings got kicked out by the Flames early, I nearly had a breakdown every time I heard the word "ice." It made it awfully hard to enjoy a nice cold drink.

  • At May 06, 2006 5:34 PM, Blogger twins15 said…

    The way the teams are playing, I think the Tigers sweeping might almost be probable.


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