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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Absence makes the blog go flounder

What I was thinking about while painfully, tearfully kept away from my computer throughout the day...

♦ I don't suppose there's any chance the Cleveland LeBrons have some confidence after cutting the Pistons' lead to five points in last night's Game 2, is there? I was distracted by Scrubs and House, so I can't really say whether or not the Cavs "put a scare" into Detroit. (Eno says no. Big Al says the Pistons wuz bored.) Having said that, any momentum the LeBrons might have mustered has to be killed by the three-day break before Game 3, doesn't it?

♦ Does ABC moving Game 3 to a 5 p.m. start mean the Pistons are getting "the J.V. treatment" again?

♦ For those who thought Fernando Rodney should replace Todd Jones as Tigers' closer - "The Closer Controversy!" - does last night's loss to Baltimore change your opinion at all? Do two losses in the last three games signify a downward trend for the previously impervious Tigers' bullpen? Or were they just due to blow a couple of saves?

♦ Pudge Rodriguez, Gold Glove first baseman? He looked like it last night. "Those two plays I made were very good," Rodriguez said to the Free Press. Oh, Pudge, you're so modest!

♦ Will any Tigers swing a pink bat on Mother's Day? My bet's on Da Meat Hook. Or maybe Brandon Inge. (I thought Alexis Gomez already broke out pink hardware during Spring Training. Wait - did that sound right?) I'll be honoring the occasion, as well, wearing the white clothing I turned pink when I mixed them with reds in my laundry.

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  • At May 11, 2006 4:50 PM, Blogger Greg Eno said…

    Hey, give Pudge a break; he was just trying to save the reporters some time by offering commentary on his play at first base. :-)

    BTW, I have a fetish for "bizarre" first basemen. I like reading the defensive stats from time-to-time to see who has one or two games at 1B under their belt. I like it when someone has to play first under duress. Guess it's like my empty-net fetish in hockey that I wrote about!

    Once, when I was about 13, I played a Little League game (I was mostly 2B and pitcher) and had to be pressed into first base duty for an inning. So even Eno has one game at 1B on his ledger!

    (no errors, two chances for a career 1.000 fldg pct)


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