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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oh, let us count the ways

So when exactly did it become clear that the Pistons were going to win last night's Game 5 easily? There were so many points where you could've just turned the channel because it was so obviously Detroit's night. Take your pick:

Was it the opening jump-ball, when Ben Wallace tipped the ball to 'Sheed, who then passed to Rip Hamilton for an easy lay-up?

How about Tayshaun Prince's half-court buzzer-beater to end the first quarter?

Could it have been the score after that first quarter: Pistons 39, Bucks 23?
Or did Terry Stotts determine the outcome of the game beforehand when deciding to put Michael Redd on Chauncey Billups, thus leaving T.J. Ford to defend Rip Hamilton? Ford may be fast, but he's not physical. And if you're not going to knock Rip around, he'll run all night. 40 points later, that bit of coaching strategy wasn't looking so good.

Maybe the credit should go to trainer Arnie Kander, who opted not to tape Hamilton's ankle so tightly.

(Photo by Daniel Mears/
Detroit News)

It's arrogant to say this was a "five-game sweep," especially when Milwaukee won Game 3 so decisively (and surprisingly). But apparently, that little spanking reminded the Pistons they needed to quit playing around, assert themselves, and end this thing as soon as they could. It wasn't ever really close after that. Detroit had a match-up advantage at every position.

You know what I'll miss most? Need4Sheed putting tutus on the Bucks in game photos. Classic stuff, Natalie.

So now the Pistons won't have to tip-off at 6 p.m. anymore - which Billups and coach Flip Saunders called "the J.V. schedule" - so TNT can show Bron-Bron in prime-time. They can join us in watching the rest of the Cavs-Wizards series. (Complete Sports has the good on last night's Game 5, including Washington's baffling last-second defense on LeBron.)

Or they can tune into the now-chippy Lakers-Suns series, in which Black Mamba battles The Bell. Or not, since Raja Bell was suspended for clotheslining Kobe. Did you catch Kobe referring to Bell as "this kid" yesterday to the press? HA! I still hate the guy, but he has the onions to back that up. (Hello to everyone who found this blog yesterday by Googling "Raja Bell" and "Kobe Bryant," by the way.)

Next stop on the championship train: the second round.

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  • At May 04, 2006 10:59 AM, Blogger Big Al said…

    Defense? It's a foreign concept for both teams. LeBron gets denied the ball on the in bounds play, let alone allowed to stroll down the baseline, against teams like Detroit and San Antonio.

    I dug Flip's post game comments as well, in regard to the Pistons being given the "JV schedule." How true. But we all knew this game was going to be a massacre, so I guess the TV execs made the right call. Despite the jaw dropping lack of D, the Cavs/Wizz game was entertaining.

  • At May 04, 2006 6:06 PM, Blogger twins15 said…

    I liked Kobe's "Maybe he didn't get hugged enough as a child." As if Raja Bell wasn't frustrated enough, Kobe comes back with that. If that series does go 7 games, it will be VERY physical. Although if I had to guess, we won't see a game 7.


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