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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Other people hear the growling

(Or WSIHWAY? a.k.a. What Should I Have Written About Yesterday?)

Here's a little something to make us all feel better after the Tigers lost two of three at the Metrodome last weekend: More national dap for the "Yes, they are really 20-12" Detroit Tigers.
Today's installment is brought to you by Dave Sheinin of the Washington Post, an excellent baseball writer who now has the luxury of covering both the Nationals and Orioles. And since the Tigers are in Baltimore to play the Orioles, Jim Leyland's club is the topic du jour.

Here's an excerpt which perfectly captures the unimpressed, we-haven't-done-squat-yet demeanor that Leyland conveys to the media:

"'We're okay. We're not bad,' Leyland muttered in the classic, low-key manner of that vanishing breed known as the Grizzled Baseball Lifer, when the question was put to him before a recent game. 'Got a long way to go. They're a good bunch. They're trying hard.'

And then there's this nugget, in which first-base coach Andy Van Slyke points out that the Tigers might want to be fearful of provoking another tirade from their manager.

"... After Leyland's clubhouse tirade April 17, one player turned to first base coach Andy Van Slyke, who played under Leyland for eight seasons in Pittsburgh, and asked whether that had been Leyland at his rampaging best.

'No,' Van Slyke said matter-of-factly. 'He had all his clothes on.'"

Keep playing well, guys. For the sake of your eyesight. But if you do happen to hit a slump, feel free to whip out a camera phone and "anonymously" send an image to a blogger. E-mail address is at the top right-hand corner.



  • At May 09, 2006 5:17 PM, Blogger lions4everlose said…

    I do hear the growling. I have been a life long Tigers fan, and this is the first year i've been excited after the first 2 weeks. I am only 15 so I have never watched a winning season from them (last one in 1993). Thank you for giving them some attention (Even though i have too, please check out my blog)


  • At May 09, 2006 6:34 PM, Blogger Sam said…

    I am now positively shaking with anticipation for Leyland's next tirade.


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