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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hit by the Fungo

Thanks to The Daily Fungo for mentioning me and this sweaty blog in last week's podcast. (You can also find it here.) Definitely an unexpected surprise to hear my e-mail about his post last Wednesday (Would you trade Craig Monroe and Wil Ledezma for Shawn Green?) read "on the air."

And it's still really weird to hear my name and "Sweaty Men Endeavors" voiced out loud. Still elicits chuckles. It's like hearing my voice on an answering machine. I'll probably never get used to it.

Mike, I'm glad the blog name didn't freak you out too much. And hello to anyone else who's stopped by after hearing the podcast. I often write about the Detroit Tigers and how much I hate Kobe Bryant.

If you're a Tigers fan, you'll enjoy The Daily Fungo. Check it - and the podcast - out, if you haven't already. (And hat tips to Billfer for mentioning it at The Detroit Tigers Weblog. That's how I found it.)

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