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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Snoooooozer - Did I miss anything?

Full disclosure: I fell asleep at halftime, and didn't wake back up until the fourth quarter. But hey, Michigan looked sleepy to begin the game. Once Indiana provided the cold splash of water by scoring a touchdown on their first drive, however, they never had a chance.

Had I not been told that Matt Gutierrez had been playing since halftime, I probably would've stayed asleep. But I wanted to see the guy play. And I did see that nice, light-on-his-feet 12-yard run. Along with play-action fakes that were apparently so good that the ESPN2 cameraman kept following Gutierrez long after the running back had moved upfield. (And I missed 1/4 of the game, but was that some of the worst camera work you've seen for a nationally televised game recently?) Of course, there was that fumble, but that was a nice play by the Indiana defender. (Adeyanju?) It'll take me until next season to stop wondering what kind of weapon has been sitting on the bench.

(Photo by John T. Greilick / The Detroit News)

I'll have to man up and make sure I get enough sleep during the week, so I'm not sleepy for Michigan-Ohio State. But if Michigan wants to run out to a 41-7 lead in that one, I'd be happy to snooze through the rest of the game.

♦ I thought Chad Henne (17-for-24, 174 yards, three touchdowns) looked sharp yesterday. I know - consider the competition. But Michigan needed Henne to play well at first, because Michigan's running game had trouble clicking.

Garrett Rivas should consider changing his first name to Jesus. I invoked his name - Jesus, Rivas! - twice yesterday after his missed field goal and extra point. And I'm sure the same happened in front of many TVs yesterday. But I breathed deeply and remembered MGoBlog pointing out that somehow, Rivas is actually one of Michigan's best all-time kickers.

But let's talk about the real heroes yesterday. Fellow Michigan fans, how much do you love "my" Iowa Hawkeyes today? C'mon, you watched the game on ESPN, right?

Drew Tate threw for two touchdowns, and Albert Young (who's only a sophomore - watch out) ran for 127 yards, which adds credence to those "Michigan would've won that game if Mike Hart had been healthy" beliefs. And when Wisconsin needed to get the ball back on offense, they couldn't stop Iowa from pushing them around and opening holes for Damien Sims. I haven't been able to see all of Iowa's games this season, but if that wasn't the offensive line's best performance of the season, I'd be surprised. Sorry, Barry.

Now, all of those chaos theory scenarios - Well, if Wisconsin loses their next two, MSU beats Penn State, I wear my lucky jersey, the moon is in waxing crescent... - Michigan needed for a Big Ten championship and BCS bid are falling into place. But can MSU really beat Penn State next week? No, I don't think so, either.

And my little sister says they're jumping up and down in South Carolina after Spurrier beat his alma mater and Son of Bowden defeated Father Bowden. Everyone's happy this morning at Sweaty Men Endeavors! Let's go have a McGriddles!

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