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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Killing some time

♦ So are all my fellow Michigan fans joining me today in rooting for Iowa? C'mon, it's okay. You need the Hawkeyes today, my friends.

♦ My favorite thing about the NBA season so far, besides the Pistons' 6-0 start? The Indiana Pacers' new uniforms. It's not that I think they look great or spectacular. They're just not those ungodly yellow-with-blue-pinstripes monstrosities we've all had to look at for the past eight years. My retinas couldn't take looking at those things for another seven-game playoff series. So thank you, Pacers.

(Photo by Frank McGrath/ Pacers)

♦ But don't get too excited, Indiana. Did I mention the Pistons were 6-0? Sure, it's still early in the NBA season, and this was kind of a short road trip, but any time an Eastern team finishes a West Coast swing undefeated, that's impressive.

♦ Week 10 of the NFL season, and I've finally finished Sports Illustrated's NFL preview. Just in time. Now I can sound like an expert. Loved the features on NFL playbooks and how a play is designed and implemented. If you didn't know or remember, SI picked the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl. That pick ain't lookin' too bad. The Panthers certainly look like the best team in the NFC right now. Of course, SI also picked the Lions to finish 3rd in the NFC North, above the Bears. All the picks can't be gems.

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