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Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Hour 2/2: The Obligatory Super Bowl Pick

Okay, it really is that time, isn't it? "The Big Game" is on Sunday. The Super Bowl. Ever heard of it? It's super. (That was a reference to "The Office," in case anyone's wondering if I'm really that dense.)

I haven't partaken into too much of the hype this week. Mostly because each time I've looked at everyone having fun in Miami, it makes me miss having the Super Bowl in Detroit last year. Did we know all the media and celebrities were going somewhere else the following year? No wonder I haven't seen anyone cool hanging out at the Renaissance Center this week.

Anyway, the fridge is already well stocked. And everyone else is making their Friday-before-the-game pick (though Complete Sports did it on Thursday, and you have to dig that about him), so I might as well join in, too.

I surprised myself by realizing after the AFC Championship that I wanted to see Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl. As someone who's kind of disliked the guy ever since Charles Woodson beat him for the Heisman Trophy in 1997, I didn't quite expect that. But it's done. That's how I feel.

Plus, I have a natural regional dislike of all Chicago sports teams. And I've convinced myself that winning the Super Bowl with quarterback play as wildly inconsistent as Rex Grossman's would set the NFL back five years. But I'm sure things would bounce back well before then.

(I also loved The M Zone's basing their rooting interest on the breakdown of past and present Michigan players on each team. That's how I've often done it. Lombardi knows my team won't ever be in the Super Bowl. I'm glad they figured that out for me, so I didn't have to.)

But I'm not just going with my heart. I'm going with my head, too. And it's not even that the Colts might have the better team. No, I think it's all about the Tony Dungy factor. Chicago plays that Tampa Two defense that's all the rage these days (except in Detroit, where we found out that you need players to make the thing work). To paraphrase what Paulie Walnuts said about italians and espresso on the second episode of The Sopranos, he invented this $#!+ and all these other &@#%suckers are gettin' rich off it.

Sure, defense wins championships. But if anyone knows how to beat Chicago's defense, it's going to be Dungy. And he's had two weeks to figure out new ways to beat it. Never mind that the Colts already have an amazing offense.

Indianapolis Colts 23, Chicago Bears 13.

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