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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Hour 01/30: Do a Non Sequitur Shot!

♦ Why does it feel so wrong to giggle incessantly at Deadspin's in-depth coverage of Super Bowl XLI, which they're calling "Negro Bowl I"? (In partnership with The Assimilated Negro, of course.) And the graphic is #@$%ing hilarious.

♦ According to Phil Rosenthal in today's Chicago Tribune, a local radio station ran a feature on a suburban man who apparently looks like Bears coach Lovie Smith. Man, why didn't I think of that last year when the Tigers were in the World Series? I totally look like Jim Leyland... on the radio, anyway. (Via Romenesko)

♦ Have you laughed at anything Bill Simmons has written from Miami so far? (Okay, maybe I'm a little bitter he didn't come to Detroit last year. Still - the funny man ain't making me chuckle.)

♦ Did you know about Jason Maxiell's snack of choice? Neither did I, until Detroit Bad Boys enlightened me. I'm wearing one of these t-shirts next time I visit either of many friends who have recently spawned children.

Will I go to fewer Tigers games this summer if virtually all of them are televised? (Just like in other cities - whoo-hoo!) I'm saying no right now, because nothing beats a warm summer night at the ballpark. Yet I know the power that a television and recliner hold over me when the alternative is money for tickets and parking, and a 40-minute drive to Detroit? No! No, I will not be that kind of baseball fan. I will not be that kind of sports fan.

So 161 Tigers games on local TV, eh?

♦ Mike McClary (on whose podcast I will soon be appearing, according to sources) wants Todd Helton to wear the Olde English D. Now that the Rockies' deal with Boston fell through, should the Tigers look at putting together such a package? Still keepin' it alive, Mike?

♦ I was afraid to write anything about Barbaro, in lieu of his euthanization yesterday. It's not that I was going to crack jokes; I just didn't give a $#!+. Michael Wilbon basically echoed my thoughts on "PTI," saying he didn't understand the mourning, but he recognized it. Deep down, however, I probably feel much like T.J. Simers does. (Via The Big Lead)

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  • At January 31, 2007 1:01 AM, Blogger Mini Me said…

    I don't underestand the Barbaro stuff really, but I do think because we have all witnessed him struggle and try to recover from his injury that we feel a connection to him and feel saddened by his death.


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