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Monday, January 29, 2007

... So Are the Days of Our Lions

♦ Jim Carty of the Ann Arbor News thinks the Lions should call up the Eagles and ask about Donovan McNabb. Such a move, in his opinion, could perk up the fans' interest while the team continues its rebuilding.

I often enjoy Carty's columns, but I think he's out of his gourd with this one. Would he be an upgrade over Jon Kitna? Sure. But McNabb has run nothing but West Coast Offense during his NFL career, and those are three words many Lions fans hope are never uttered in Detroit again. Unless it's with sentences such as, "Thank Sweet Jeebus the Lions don't run the West Coast Offense anymore" or "Wow, Steve Mariucci's West Coast Offense sucked worse than fried spam."

And if the Eagles would ask for Detroit's #2 pick in return for McNabb, Matt Millen should respond with something witty, like "Who do you think I am? Matt Millen? Call me back when you're serious, chump!"

♦ Another phone call Millen might have made was to his offensive coordinator, Mike Martz: "Dude, shut up! You are totally gonna blow this for us!"

This, of course, would be after Martz blurted out to the press that the Lions were looking for everything except a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. Nothing like tipping off your intentions to any team that might be interested in trading up to the #2 selection to pick a quarterback, eh? Nice work.

♦ Defensive end Kalimba Edwards is among the players interviewed in this ESPN.com investigation of "naturopath" Hank Sloan, who is currently under investigation by the state of Georgia for practicing medicine without a license. Sloan's approach, which "emphasizes holistic approaches to enhance the body's innate ability to recover," is legally recognized in 14 states. Unfortunately for him, Georgia isn't one of them.

During the off-season, Edwards flew to Atlanta every other week to receive "prolotherapy injections, liquid vitamins, IVs, anti-inflammatory shots and other non-steroidal injections" from Sloan to treat his groin injury.

Other athletes mentioned in the article are Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens, Falcons linebacker Ed Hartwell, and Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes.

Pride of Detroit caught Roy Williams telling FOX Sports Detroit that he wants the Lions to draft Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson. (Could that be because Peterson averaged 112 yards rushing against his Texas Longhorns?) Like most everyone else, however, Roy thinks Detroit should trade down to do so.

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