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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The game!

Today sort of feels like Christmas around here (and not just because of the fresh snow on the ground). All of the anticipation, excitement, and anxiety leads up to that one day, the one event that we're brought together to celebrate. But I'll argue that the Super Bowl is even better. No annoying relatives to tolerate, no spoiled children opening too many gifts, no overbearing plans and schedules to follow. We can just sit back, enjoy food and drink with friends, and watch football.

Before I get to our unacknowledged national holiday, however, I'd like to point your way to a few sites that have done a fine job of recording the moment and providing some insight and flavor for anyone not fortunate enough to experience what's been a great week for Detroit.

Girl in the D and DetroitWonk have posted many words and photos about events, stories, and scenery surrounding the Super Bowl, and their excitement over something good and fun happening in the city has made for some compelling reading. (whatevs [dot org] also chimed in with an entertaining tour of the Super Bowl scene. Oh, Uncle Grambo, you crazy!) So have Terry Foster and the Detroit News. Beyond Boxscores has some terrific photos from the downtown area that made me wish I'd have taken a camera to Detroit. Billfer, of Detroit Tigers Weblog fame, was a Super Bowl XL volunteer. Jason Muhme, an engineer for WXYT-AM, posted several pictures from Radio Row at the Renaissance Center. And Josh Bartlett's been writing like mad this week, exploring elements from both fan and media viewpoints, and providing some perspective from the party scene, as well.

And now, the game. I figured I'd try to sneak a Super Bowl pick in here, though I don't know how many people stop by on Sundays. Maybe the two-week break has caused me to overthink this match-up a bit. Had this game been played last Sunday, I'm sure I would've hopped on the popular pick wagon and gone with the Steelers. It would be fun to see them win. Pittsburgh fans remind me of Detroit fans, and I'd love to see that passionate following rewarded. And of course, it would be great to see the storyline of this Super Bowl get a happy ending, with Jerome Bettis winning a championship in his final game, played in his hometown.

But I can't help but think about the Patriots team that won the Super Bowl they were supposed to badly lose. And weren't the Pistons going to get stomped by the Lakers in the 2004 NBA Finals? So I'm wondering if all this talk about a sure Pittsburgh win is rather hasty.

The Steelers are getting all the headlines, but the Seahawks look like they're all business to me. While Joey Porter is talking WWE-style trash about Jerramy Stevens to anyone with a microphone and/or camera, the Seahawks seem to be rolling their eyes. Jerome Bettis has been a wonderful host and ambassador for Detroit, and this city has become Pittsburgh West, while Shawn Alexander and his Seattle teammates are quietly simmering over the lack of attention and waiting for the game to start. Mike Holmgren has won a Super Bowl before and knows exactly how to plan for the big game, but Bill Cowher might be wondering if he'll get it right this time. The Steelers' defense attacks ferociously and creatively, bringing blitzers from every part of the field. Yet no offense blocks better than the Seahawks.

It sounds strange for such a blue-collar city, but a Pittsburgh win would give this game a Hollywood type of ending. Those can be fun to watch, but I often find the other endings more interesting and compelling. Maybe I'm influenced by having three Seahawks - Shawn Alexander, Joe Jurevicius, and Jerramy Stevens - help my fantasy football team to a league championship (stop groaning!), but I think Seattle will join the list of Super Bowl winners tonight.

Seahawks 30, Steelers 24.



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