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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where in Arizona might Mike Martz go?

A month ago, the rumor was that Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz would be courted by the Arizona Cardinals to replace Dennis Green.

Right state, wrong job? Now, the Martz rumor roulette wheel is pointing toward Tempe and Arizona State University, which recently kicked Dirk Koetter to the desert.

According to last Saturday's Arizona Republic (via the AOL Fanhouse), the school is looking for a coach that doesn't need to be bought out of a current contract, can put together a coaching staff of experienced assistants, is able to recruit Southern California, and having the kind of name value that might sell tickets wouldn't hurt either.

Former Cardinals head coach Dave McGinnis, Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow, and our ol' buddy Stylin' Steve Mariucci were also mentioned in the article as fitting such criteria. (Seriously, does Mooch sit in his dressing room at NFL Network and laugh at these rumors over a glass of chardonnay while comparing jewelry with Neon Deion?)

But the man ASU Vice President of Athletics Lisa Love has her bullseye set on is the Lions' current offensive sooper-genius whose system would totally be scoring more points if Jon Kitna wouldn't, like, throw so many interceptions and most of the players Matt Millen gave him didn't, you know... suck.

Martz coached at Arizona State for nine years (as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator), and Love digs that about him, man! Oh, his 53-32 record as a NFL head coach (complete with Super Bowl appearance) is impressive, too.

Surely, she knows that Martz isn't the Lions head coach, even though FOX seems to think he is, judging from the number of times their cameras show you as opposed to the actual man in charge, Sgt. Rod Marinelli. But hey, the Lions' games get the C and D-level broadcast crews, so maybe they can only afford to train one camera on the sideline. And really, who's more interesting?

Don't leave Detroit, Mike Martz. You're our only hope.

Oh, hell - who could blame him?

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  • At December 07, 2006 12:08 AM, Blogger Mike said…

    I read somewhere out here that Martz was reviled here during his tenure as a coordinator. The comment I read was along the lines of "remember how pathetic ASU's offense/QB performance was under him?"

    Having the uniquely grotesque experience of growing up in Detroit following the Lions and now living in Phoenix watching the Cards from afar I've come to realize one thing: the only thing different about the two franchises is the uniform color.

    The Cardinals' ownership, like Detroit's, has been in power for three generations -- three! The current owner was a ball boy at Chicago Cardinals' games as a kid when his DAD owned the team.

    New stadium or no, there's no one who can win in Arizona and Mooch, Martz, Mornhinweg, Moeller and any other M-named coach would be wise to look elsewhere for employment.

    Of course the weather here is pretty nice.


    P.S. Did not proof.


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