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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Sporting Noobs Podcast - Episode #05

Someday, this podcasting thing will go smoothly for me and Kevin.

We thought we had one in the bag this week, only to find out - much to my shrieking horror - that I somehow botched the recording. Best guess? I forgot to hit the "Record" button. Nice podcasting, Poindexter.

A second attempt, unfortunately, wasn't going to happen as Kevin finally succumbed to the flu bug afflicting the Antcliff home.

So Episode #05 of The Sporting Noobs Podcast has me flying solo once again, armed only with bad sound effects (one of which K-Dog hoped he'd never hear again) as I tried to come up worth 20 minutes of your time.

First topic is the quarterback shuffles in the NFL. Jay Cutler's taking over in Denver, but should Jake Plummer have been the only QB to lose his job going into Week 13?

After that, it's the BCS: Should USC have hopped over Michigan in the standings? And I just had to rant about Notre Dame's bogus #10 ranking (No, it's not that I think they should be higher - believe me), while getting a long-time pet peeve about the Irish and the Big Ten off my chest.

Of course, it wouldn't be The Sporting Noobs Podcast if it didn't end with Game Balls and Extra Laps. Who took a ball home, and who had to stay after practice?

You can download the show through Libsyn or iTunes. (And if you like what you hear, please leave some positive feedback at the iTunes Store. Affirmation ain't a bad thing.)

Please say hello and sign up for the weekly Noobsletter at noobsletter@thesportingnoobs.com. You can also join the club at thesportingnoobs.com.

Back at full strength next week! Let's hope we get it on the first try. Thanks for listening!

▪▪ This week's plug: My friend Miko's band, The Cashiers.



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