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Monday, July 10, 2006

Put those fingers away, son

I didn't watch a whole lot of sports over the weekend, so I very well could've missed other and better candidates. But my vote for Sports Moron of the Weekend goes to Seattle's Yuniesky Betancourt for pointing to his dugout and celebrating after hitting a ninth-inning drive to left field off Todd Jones. That ball went deep!

... And then landed in Alexis Gomez's glove a step in front of the fence.

Jones bent forward, hands on knees, with a sigh of relief, and a Saturday night save. Betancourt skulked back to the dugout looking like a Jeremy Shockey-esque idiot - especially considering that his error earlier in the game led to the Tigers' game-winning run.

Strangely, the Baseball Karma Gods saw fit to reward this preening schmoe the next day, guiding his ground ball with a remote control under and around the gloves of Brandon Inge and Carlos Guillen. Go figure.

▪▪ So let me get this straight, Rob Parker: The American League has a 56-win advantage against the National League in interleague play this season, but the "senior circuit" guys are still better?

"Don't be fooled by the outcome when the two leagues met head-to-head"? What? 56 more wins! Is that some kind of optical illusion? Are those bats really magic wands?

"AL fans can basically sit back and simply wait for someone to hit a three-run homer." Right, because that's exactly how the Tigers have accumulated the best record in baseball this season. Again, what?!

This is why I'll need to eat soft food in my old age. My teeth will have been ground to powder.

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