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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Absence makes the blog go flounder - again

Oh, I've been a bad blogger. Bad blogger! And not the kinky, wrists tied, "Honey, I have to step out for a few hours" kind of bad. No, I mean flat-out lazy.

We've got stuff going on! Tigers swept the Astros! Garner ejected and tossing chairs! Clemens getting no run support (and giving dirty looks to C.B. Bucknor - also the man who ejected ol' "Scrap Iron" on Monday night) from his teammates. And that same problem afflicting his best buddy, Andy Pettitte, the next day! Man, the National League is just a sliver of meat stuck between the Tigers' teeth.

And yeah, the Pistons took some point guard from Iowa State. (Joe D., you should've talked to me. The Cyclones suck, dude.) Oh, and Maurice Evans is gone. Literally, this time, not just glued to the bench by Flip Saunders.

Thanks to my gig at Motor City Sports Magazine, I was a credentialed member of the media at Comerica Park on Monday. I'd love to write all about it - and if I get a chance, I hope to - but it was honestly one of the coolest, and most informative, experiences of my life. And yes, here comes the plug: my article can be seen in the August issue of MCSM, set to hit shelves in, um, August.

And in a classic case of "the gig giveth and taketh away," that's why my blogging has been near non-existent over the past few days. (And just as Abel to Yzerman and The Daily Fungo generously plugged me. Great timing, Ian.) I owe Mr. Greg Eno several assignments, and have been toiling away either at the computer or on the phone, trying to get my editor what he needs. Does this mean I can say I'm away "on assignment"? Because I've always wanted to say that.

So please stand by. I'm hopeful your regularly scheduled blog will resume tomorrow. And, as always, thank you for stopping by.

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