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Thursday, June 15, 2006

What's that smell?

I don't really have to write about Todd Jones today, do I? Especially when others are doing it so well already.

How many ways can it be said? He stinks right now. Like a German cheese, wrapped in foil, that's been sitting at the back of your refrigerator for two years. And you can't even remember what compelled you to buy it. Except you'd have the option of tossing that hunk o' stink in the garbage. The Tigers probably have to stick with Jones, unless he pulls a Keith Foulke and just completely falls apart. Or decides to break out a more embarrassing facial hair ensemble.

For me, it's not quite there yet, but it's getting close to infuriating, because he's blown a handful of games that the Tigers should've won. And when he falls, he falls hard. Without that, guys like Jacob Luft - the current scourge of Tigers blog nation - really have nothing to write about. And I'm beginning to feel as I did when I frequently defended Joey Harrington to fellow Lions fans.

May I mention that Jones is killing my fantasy baseball team, too? It's like a double shot of suck straight to the gut. No? No one wants to hear about that? No one cares that I hit the "refresh" button when I check my team because the numbers under "ERA" can't possibly be correct? Okay.


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