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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Pistons Post-Mortem Parade

I'm still trying to collect my thoughts on the Pistons' earlier-than-expected exit from the NBA playoffs. In the meantime, many bloggers and columnists are ready and willing to speak their piece.
  • What would Kevin Antcliff do? No more "what happened?" for the K-Dog. He's already on to "Now what?" and has several offseason notes and suggestions for Joe Dumars, including four key roster transactions.
  • Biggest offseason surprise so far? The Free Press' Drew Sharp isn't kicking the Pistons while they're down. Well... no more than anyone else, that is.
  • In response to Chris McCosky's "the sky is not falling" post-mortem in the Detroit News, Detroit Bad Boys has the first installment of the Pistons' offseason reality show, which could be titled "What About Ben?"
  • Need4Sheed needs some time.
  • Radio Free Detroit doesn't buy the theory that forces behind the Pistons' control (league office, rules committee, etc.) contributed to their 2005-06 demise, choosing instead to give Miami credit for being the better team.
  • Greg Eno (who played "What About Ben?" last week) thinks two changes can get Detroit back to the NBA Finals.
  • MGoBlog (who might retitle "What About Ben?" the "Kobayashi Maru") is aiming the Arrow of Blame squarely at Flip Saunders.
I'm almost done with mine. Be back with that in a flash. (Oooh wait - that's Dwyane Wade's nickname, isn't it? Poor choice. Yet still better than "in a jiffy.")


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