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Friday, November 10, 2006

Musings with your lunch?

Tuna sandwich or chicken salad? Anyone have thoughts on that? I'm leaning toward the sandwich...

♦ Is it completely lame that I opted for "regular" TV last night, instead of Louisville-Rutgers?

See, I kind of forgot about it. I intended to watch, but last night, I just felt like some fictional laughs and drama before falling asleep. Yes, even though it was a good game (25-22 in the fourth quarter, when I remembered to turn the game on), and I missed a great finish, along with perhaps one of the recent amazing events in college football.

Was that wrong of me? Look, the body clock just can't get attuned to Thursday night college football. Unless it's a bowl game in December or January. (Big Al knows what I'm talking about.)

MLive.com's Danny Knobler is reporting that the Detroit Tigers have what the Yankees could be looking for in a Gary Sheffield trade. (Namely, young utility infielders and starting pitching.) And a deal could be close to happening.

I'm not crazy about this idea. Sheffield's bat would be amazing in the Tigers' lineup. But I don't know where you'd put him on the field, and Sheff doesn't strike me as a guy who'd enjoy playing most of his games at DH. A small problem? Maybe.

The big problem, as I see it, is that Sheffield wants a contract extension. And if he doesn't get it, he's historically pouted, sulked, and dogged it until he's either given what he wants or sent to another team that's willing to meet his demands. (Search for the archives of Buster Olney's ESPN.com blog, if you're interested in some stories on this.)

Does that sound like the kind of guy who'd fit well in Detroit's clubhouse? Do the Tigers seem like a team interested in a potential chemistry killer? If you're nodding yes, I have Dmitri Young holding for you on Line 1 with some thoughts on that subject.

♦ According to the Detroit News, you can scratch Steve Mariucci off your list of potential new coaches at Michigan State. Is that a sigh of relief I hear from Spartan Country, or is that just a gust of wind outside my window? I can't quite tell (though most of my Sparty friends have said they hope Mooch isn't the choice).

The article goes on to tout LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini pretty strongly, though Todd Grantham (who could be the favorite for the job) is the first name listed. I think it's interesting that Pat Shurmur (another favorite, depending who you ask or what you read) isn't even mentioned in the piece.

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