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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Sporting Noobs Podcast - Episode #02

Last week went so well, we thought we'd try it again. The Sporting Noobs are back on the air!

In the second edition of The Sporting Noobs Podcast, Kevin has a major bone to pick with the NBA's new "no talkback" rule, all the ejections it's led to, and the players this might affect the most, while Ian tries to help him talk through his anger.

The Noobs also take a look at the spotlight match-up from Week 9 of the NFL: Colts vs. Patriots. Are the Colts now officially the best team in the league? What exactly was the Patriots' game plan? And how could New England boo Adam Vinatieri?

Finally, your appreciative hosts read from the very first batch of listener e-mail. Who took the time to write in to The Sporting Noobs?

(And can Ian actually make sure to emphasize the "b" in "Noobs" to avoid any possible confusion with other sports publications that might be available on newsstands? Hoo boy.)

You can download the show via the podcast's home page. The Sporting Noobs Podcast is also available via iTunes. (And if you like what you hear, please leave some positive feedback at iTunes. The show is young, and our egos are fragile.) Tell all your friends about us. We're nice kids!

Let us know what you think and sign up for the weekly Noobsletter at noobsletter@thesportingnoobs.com. And for more, stop by thesportingnoobs.com. Thanks for listening!

Kevin forgot to mention his new weight loss blog, titled "The 100." You can find that here.

And we forgot to pass out Game Balls and Extra Laps on the show this week. We apologize, and will try to remember the next time.


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