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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Sporting Noobs are on the air!

After spending much more time working on it than anticipated, Episode #01 of The Sporting Noobs Podcast is here!

In this week's inaugural edition of the show, Kevin and Ian conduct discuss the World Series that was. Did the Cardinals win it or did the Tigers lose it? Should MLB make future concessions for the late fall weather? And after coming so close to winning an improbable championship, what should the Tigers do next?

The Noobs also recap the spotlight match-up from Week 8 of the NFL: Colts vs. Broncos. What happened to that Denver defense?

And with the NBA kicking off this week, the Noobs look at each division and make their picks for the playoffs.

You can download the show via the podcast's home page. And thanks to a super-speedy approval process, The Noobs are also available via iTunes. (If you like what you hear, please leave some positive feedback at iTunes. The show is young, and our egos are fragile.) Get the word out! Tell your friends! Let the women and children know!

Please tell us what you think and sign up for the weekly Noobsletter at noobsletter@thesportingnoobs.com. And for more, stop by thesportingnoobs.com. Thanks for listening!


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