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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A belated roar for Bodiford

I was disappointed to see that the Detroit Lions cut my main man, Shaun Bodiford (otherwise known in the Casselberry household as the only professional athlete who's talked to me for more than two minutes), a couple of weeks ago. It was a bit baffling, considering that the coaches seemed to think highly of him and Matt Millen keeps throwing veteran wide receivers (Corey Bradford, Az-Zahir Hakim) into the garbage bin.

"We hoped to release him and then get him back," said Sgt. Rod Marinelli, "but that didn't happen."

Oops. It sounds like Mike Martz didn't want to release Bodiford, either. But Big Mike Williams eats up a notable chunk of the Lions' salary cap. (How's that draft pick working out for the Lions, anyway?)

And it surely had to sting a bit when a NFC North opponent quickly signed him from waivers. Green Bay was thrilled when a guy with Bodiford's skills - especially on kickoff and punt returns - was available to replace the suspended Koren Robinson. So a talented kid that could've eventually replaced Eddie Drummond on special teams, or man the third or fourth receiver spot on the roster is off to join his old junior college quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

If you haven't already read his harrowing life story, PackersNews.com details the path Bodiford took to the NFL. I'm still rooting for the guy, even if he's wearing green and yellow now. Hey, you never forget your first, right? (And I'm looking for the follow-up interview, Shaun. Call me.)


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