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Friday, May 19, 2006

How do you pronounce "Varejao"?

Question of the Day #3:

Besides wanting the Pistons to extend their playoff series with Cleveland to give themselves a chance to win it, I think we need another two games to determine just how the hell Anderson Varejao's last name is properly pronounced.

How many different variations have we heard over the last two weeks?

Is it "Var-AY-hoe"? "Var-AY-joe"? "VER-eh-joe"? "VEY-leh-zhoe"?

"Var-EEE-joe?" "Vur-EH-jew"?

"Ver-eh-JOW"? "Var-JOE"? "Var-ee-joo-HOW"?

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi"? Ce soir?

We have at least one more game to get a definite answer. (I'm not watching the Cavaliers play anymore if they advance in the playoffs. If the Pistons are done, NBA basketball will very likely be dead to me for the rest of the season as I try to digest what might be the biggest upset in NBA postseason history.)

Of course, I'm betting (not literally) we'll have two more games to watch Sideshow Bob's bouncy locks flounce up and down the floor. And today's Need4Sheed post reminded me that I haven't been doing my part as a Detroit basketball fan. I haven't been serving the Mistress Superstition. Like the Pistons, I've forgotten the little things that win games. I just hope it's not too late for me to, um, get back on the mistress. I'll do my best.

Pistons 84, Cavaliers 77.


  • At May 19, 2006 5:31 PM, Blogger Big Al said…

    Considering Stockton and Miller couldn't decide upon a consistent pronunciation, let's just keep it at "Sideshow Bob." It's descriptive, and everyone knows who you are talking about.

    As for tonight, I just can't get a feel for the game. So I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

  • At May 21, 2006 3:35 AM, Blogger TeamPlayer said…

    This is funny, I've been wondering the same thing. Every sportscaster seems to have invented a different pronunciation of the guy's name.

    From a Portuguese speaker, his name is pronounced Var-Ay-Zhau. Of course, I'm not hoping for anyone on TNT or ESPN to get that. Except for Charles Barkley. Just kidding.

  • At May 21, 2006 8:26 PM, Blogger Greg Eno said…

    Or how about all the ways you can spell Moammar's last name?






    I think our great newspapers have used all of these, and more, in spelling his name!


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