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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why are we still watching?

I assume we all read many of the same blogs, so if most of you are already aware of this, I apologize. Being late (or even worse, really late) to a joke or trend can lead to some painfully awkward and extremely unfunny moments. For instance, a recent lunch companion of mine pointed out that it's really funny if you add "in bed" to the end of whatever nugget of wisdom is in your fortune cookie. And he wondered why I wasn't laughing.

Anyway, I let out a little anti-ESPN bile a few weeks ago when I wrote about their simulated press conferences. I didn't take the rant nearly far enough, maybe because I didn't want to face just how terrible ESPN has become. Thankfully, others had no such misgivings, which I discovered from MGoBlog.

Give yourself some time, because these could take a while to read. The first link alone has 400+ responses (which include a Peyton Manning vs. Charles Woodson digression for U-M fans), as I write this. But they're totally worth your time, and could lead to uncontrollable laughter.

Every Day Should Be Saturday has 52 Reasons Why ESPN/ABC/Disney Sucks.

MGoBlog responds with 32 Further Reasons ESPN/ABC/Disney is the Devil.

The Bemusement Park helps bring the list to an even 100 reasons.

EDSBS comes back with a few closing thoughts.

And if you're just loving this discussion, Deadspin has a few comments worth checking out, too.


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