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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Detroit Pistons Are Excellent Matadors

You know, I'd love to write something about this Pistons-Bulls series, but after the first two games, there's just not much interesting to say. I'm sure I could come up with various descriptions of what an ass-kicking the Bulls have been subjected to. You can't say this series is over when a game hasn't been played in Chicago yet, but I certainly can't remember when the Pistons have looked more dominating in the first two games of a series. We've seen them come out strong in Game 1 before, only to watch the other team pick themselves up for the remaining five or six games.

(Here are your recaps from Detroit Bad Boys and Need4Sheed.)

But this time, Detroit is kicking the opponent down, and keeping them on the floor. It's been like watching a kickoff return in football, when a linebacker zeroes in on a smaller wide receiver and keeps blocking, shoving, and pummeling him to the turf until the play is over. Perhaps even more demoralizing for the Bulls is that there's not even a respite when Flip Saunders empties the bench. Jason Maxiell, Lindsey Hunter, and Carlos Delfino have been almost equally as relentless as the starters. Getting back into the game just hasn't been an option for Chicago.

As fun as it's been to see the Pistons play as well as they ever have - with the ball moving around the floor, players working to get open, and everything coming together for an open look at the basket - I derived some sadistic enjoyment from the forlorn faces on the Chicago bench as the game moved toward its merciful end. Kirk Heinrich looked completely overwhelmed, as if he had no idea what he'd just run into. Luol Deng bit down on his lower lip, like he was just waiting for the pain to end. Ben Gordon hid underneath a towel, seemingly cowering in embarrassment.

But one guy had a knowing smile on his face. I'm not sure if Ben Wallace was thinking that his new teammates now realize just how difficult this playoff thing is, and maybe they'd listen to him and Scott Skiles more intently, or if he was reminiscing over just how good his old teammates can really be when they're focused on winning.

Tercio de varas. The Pistons have won the first stage of this bullfight.



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