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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Wonder If Danny Glover Is a Hockey Fan?

Despite my previous resolve to be one at the start of the NHL playoffs, I haven't been a very good Red Wings fan thus far. Most of my interest and emotion has come from looking at the scores the next day and saying something like "The Wings lost?" or "Oh $#!+, the series is tied?" and "I should really watch the next game."

I haven't watched many of the games. I don't think I'd even watched an entire game. That is, until last night. The Tigers weren't on. The Pistons - while the NBA kneels before the mistress television - don't begin the renewal of their blood rivalry with the Chicago Bulls (hmm, I may write about that tomorrow) until Saturday. And for the most part, Wednesday's a crap TV night (though I find that woman on Bones quite attractive). So, despite the fact that I knew I'd probably be paying for it, I stayed up to watch Game 4 of Red Wings-Sharks.

And once the game went into overtime, Danny Glover/Roger Murtaugh were echoing loudly in my brain. Maybe that was the sleep deprivation talking. Or the weird combination of an adult beverage with a late Chinese food dinner, followed by a few cups of tea. Whatever the reason, I was up at 1 a.m. to see if the Wings could tie up this series.

I'm gettin' too old for this shit.

24-year-old Ian called. He's asking when 34-year-old Ian became such a lame-o geezer. If I had the energy right now, I'd try to punch 24-year-old Ian in the face. Also, I'd tell him to date more women and graduate college sooner.

I can't quite describe the emotion I felt when San Jose's Craig Rivet was whistled for a penalty at 14:52 of overtime. I wouldn't call it happy because I was too tired to get that amped up. I'm sure I'll be much happier when/if my first child is born. Maybe it's comparable to the feeling I have when I haven't eaten a cheese steak hoagie for a long time, and I take that first bite. I know it's bad for me, but damn, I like it. And it just felt like the Wings were going to win the game on that power play. Again, maybe that was the sleep deprivation talking.

But when Mathieu Schneider rocketed a slap shot under the crossbar to win the game, I raised my arms in triumph. Not necessarily because the Wings won, but because I knew sweet slumber would soon follow. Very shortly after I saw the replay which showed that the angle on Schneider's shot changed when it deflected off of Scott Hannan, I think I turned off the TV while my head hit the pillow all in one motion. Zzzzzz.

A natural question would be, "Well, why didn't you just go to sleep?" (A better one might be, "Why didn't you plan better and take a nap early in the evening?") C'mon, I couldn't just turn the game off after sticking with it that long. Anyone who's endured a marathon overtime NHL playoff game (and, really, this wasn't one of those) has surely thought the same thing.

But to answer the title of this post, even if Danny Glover was a hockey fan, isn't he already on the west coast? So he wouldn't have to deal with these 10 p.m. EST start times. That has to keep him young. At least younger than I'm feeling right now.



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